Kagura Bachi: The next giant of the Big Three?

kaguira bachi le manga a suivre en 2024

If you're on Twitter, you couldn't have missed Kagura Bachi ! Published in Weekly Shonen Jump #42 , in France and around the world, its release was closely scrutinized.

Publisher of world-renowned manga such as My Hero Academia or Jujutsu Kaisen , Jump announces its new gem. And it’s already causing a sensation, as soon as its first chapter is released!

Some already see Kagura Bachi as a competitor to One Piece or Black Clover . So, is this just a fleeting buzz or the manga to follow in 2024?

The meteoric rise of Kagura Bachi

On September 18, 2023, Weekly Shonen Jump #42 appears with a mysterious cover page . It's the big day for the release of the long-awaited manga , Kagura Bachi: Tasks of the Day . Its preliminary announcement, with the promotional visual published on September 10, created an unprecedented buzz on the web.

We witnessed a craze rarely seen since the launch of One Piece or Jujutsu Kaisen manga , Twitter was literally on fire.

As with every release, reactions from manga fans were divided. Some were too excited with Kagura Bachi , the next of the Big Three ?, while others found it "too overrated".

kagura bachi on the cover of shonen jump 42

A tsunami of memes!

Following this hype on Twitter , inevitably, the memes followed. Between those who already see it as the manga of the decade and the YouTube videos with a catchy title, it was funny! But other elements contributed to its virality .

Particularly the mystery surrounding the real identity of the author, Takeru Hokazono . But also the presence of an organization of wizards and the humorous comparisons with another manga character . For example, many see similarities in Shihiro , the main character, to Zoro , in One Piece . It's true that the scar on his face and the handling of his katana are disturbing.

However, it is important to point out that Kagura Bachi has already surpassed flagship mangas in Shueisha's MangaPLUS trending list . Among them: Black Clover and Spy X Family which fell out of the top 10 in favor of Kagura Bachi .

A fleeting or lasting craze?

The introduction of a manga is crucial. It determines whether the player will be hooked or not. The first chapter of Kagura Bachi succeeded in this challenge by introducing a universe rich in witchcraft and charismatic characters.

However, virality also presents risks. How many mangakas have burned their wings thinking they have the next challenger to the Big Three ? Sudden notoriety can create inordinate expectations and place the work under constant criticism .

A priori, Kagura Bachi seems to have won over many readers, but it still has to prove itself over time...

kagura bachi meme on twitter

At the heart of the plot: Magic, swords and revenge

Now, let's talk about the plot of the manga in more detail. This mixes action , combat and fantasy adventure in the heart of a Japan plagued by political propaganda.

A legacy and a quest for revenge

Chihiro , a young blacksmith, presents himself to the reader as the central character of this saga. He is the son of Kunishige Rokuhira , considered the most distinguished blacksmith in Japan . This legacy is both an honor and a heavy responsibility for the character.

But his father 's brutal assassination by the Hishaku organization dramatically changed his life. Rather than continuing the family tradition, young Chihiro embraces the path of the sword , guided by a desire for revenge .

His transformation from apprentice blacksmith to avenger evokes themes of honor and justice . Looking at the action and combat scenes, we better understand the title: Tasks of the Day .

kagurabachi manga scene

Magic and Forging

But magic is not limited to simple spells or incantations . She manifests tangibly through the ancient art of blacksmithing , instilled by her father. What particularly distinguishes this art is the ability to carve a spell directly into the blade of a saber .

This magical element, far from being a simple narrative artifice, is deeply anchored in the history of the manga . It offers endless possibilities in combat and raises questions about the fusion of magic and weaponry . This adds richness and depth to a universe already rich in detail.

Future expectations and prospects

The main plot , centered on Chihiro 's vengeful quest against the Hishaku , seems promised many twists and turns. In this adventure, elements introduced, such as the art of forging and politics suggest epic confrontations with unexpected alliances.

After such a promising first chapter , readers have high expectations. They hope for plot developments highlighting not only the adventure, but also the moral dilemmas and complexities of the characters.

The challenge for Kagurabachi will be to meet these expectations while constantly surprising its audience.

Chihiro Rokuhira

Takeru Hokazono: The mysterious mangaka behind Kagura Bachi

His past

Before offering us Kagurabachi , Takeru Hokazono had already made his mark in the world of manga with notable works. He notably drew the one-shots Chain and Roku no Meiyaku . These stories, although short, reflect Takeru 's storytelling talent, blending deep storylines with captivating drawings. In his career, we can note a constant evolution, both in terms of artistic technique and in terms of the themes addressed.

An anonymous mangaka

In a society where digital identity is almost as important as real identity , the decision to maintain anonymity raises many questions. Despite this resolution, Takeru 's Twitter presence is marked by an intriguing and offbeat bird caricature .

This approach, far from being a mere whim, appears to be a deliberate strategy to heighten the mystery surrounding Kagurabachi . This creates a surge of curiosity which, associated with the quality of his work, only increases the public's enthusiasm .

Takeru Hokazono
avatar of Takeru Hokazono on Twitter

Expectations that live up to the hype

With the triumphant launch of Kagurabachi , Shonen Jump has set the bar high by adding this title to its manga collection. Knowing the author's pedigree, composed of quality works, expectations are enormous . Readers are hoping for a series that stays true to the initial quality while exploring new frontiers.

The major concern remains: will he be able to maintain this excellence throughout the series ? Only time will tell, but one thing is certain: the manga world will be attentive to each new chapter.

What future for this manga?

This chapter of Kagurabachi has undoubtedly caused ink to flow on the web, demonstrating in-depth research and meticulous illustration .

The fantastic plot , combined with Hokazono 's undeniable talent, reminds us of the excitement generated by Luffy 's first adventures in One Piece .

However, it is too early to predict whether Kagurabachi can dethrone the titan that is One Piece . Nothing is less sure. Before forming a definitive opinion, let's wait and see what chapter 2 has in store for us...

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