The Top 6 Funniest Simpsons Characters

les 6 personnages les plus droles des Simpson

The Simpsons , the iconic series imagined by Matt Groening , has been making us laugh since its very first season. Who doesn't know the small town of Springfield with its unique inhabitants?

Homer Simpson , the slightly clumsy but always funny dad, and Ned Flanders , the friendly neighbor always ready to lend a hand, are characters that we won't forget. Each episode, each season, presents us with funny situations and endearing characters .

So, if you're a fan like us, discover our ranking of the funniest Simpsons characters !

🍩 Homer Simpson: the legendary clumsy

Homer Simpson the funniest character from The Simpsons

Ah, Homer Simpson ! Without a doubt one of the pillars of this animated series. Homer is this slightly clumsy, but always endearing father who works at the nuclear power plant under the supervision of his boss, Mr Burns .

His love for his wife, Marge Simpson , and his children is undeniable, even if he sometimes has a funny way of showing it. Who could forget his famous line “D’oh!” every time he makes a mistake? Or his unique voice which sometimes expresses surprise, sometimes despair, but always with a touch of humor.

Homer is much more than just the father of the Simpson family : he is THE emblematic Simpson character of the series. His goofs, expressions, and simplicity greatly influence The Simpsons' overall humor , making each episode memorable.

With his constant gaffes and nonchalant attitude, Homer Simpson is often considered by many fans to be the funniest Simpsons character . His duet with Marge has become iconic!

In the episode Homer Does Smithers (Season 7, Episode 17) , he finds himself in a comical situation where he does not know what to do when Montgomery Burns' office catches fire.

😈 Bart Simpson: the enfant terrible of Springfield

Bart Simpson the iconic Simpsons character

Bart Simpson , the "bad boy" of Springfield, is undeniably one of the funniest characters in the series. The eldest son of the Simpson family, Bart often stands out for his legendary pranks, his mischief in elementary school and his teasing relationship with his father, Homer. Who could forget his numerous altercations with his teacher and especially with the principal of the Skinner school?

But aside from his mischief, Lisa's brother also has a touching side, especially in his interactions with his friends, especially with his inseparable friend Milhouse Van Houten . And of course, as Lisa Simpson 's brother, their brother-sister relationship offers a varied range of humor from teasing to bonding moments.

The adventures of this little rascal bring a humorous and unpredictable dimension to each episode, thus reinforcing his status as an icon among television children. Is this the funniest Simpson character in the series?

In the episode Bart the Genius (Season 1, Episode 2) , Bart cheats during an intelligence test, this introduces the personality of the little imp from the start of the series.

🤡 Krusty the Clown: the vicious clown

krusty the clown funny scene

Krusty the Clown is an iconic character from the Simpsons universe, originally created to entertain the children of Springfield through his television show.

But who is Krusty really? Behind the makeup and the wig hides a clown often disillusioned by life and showbiz, making his appearances all the more memorable. If his role is to make people laugh, Krusty sometimes entertains us in spite of himself, notably through his hilarious failures , whether on-air gaffes or failed attempts to relaunch his career.

His quirky view of fame and his unique way of interacting with the children and adults of Springfield make him an essential Simpson character , bringing his own comic touch to each episode in which he appears.

In the episode Bombinette Bob (Season 7, Episode 9 ), Krusty attempts to escape by plane, but comically fails in his attempt. This scene highlights the humorous aspect of the clown's misadventures.

🍺 Moe Szyslak: the tender-hearted bartender

moe szyslak funny scene

Moe Szyslak is a Simpson character who is easily recognized thanks to his raspy voice and his dark but warm bar . Moe's Tavern is the place where Homer and his friends like to meet after a long day at the Springfield Nuclear Power Plant.

As the owner of the famous Springfield bar, Moe has seen many episodes and anecdotes. But beyond his role as a bartender, Moe often gave us moments of laughter thanks to his desperate and clumsy attempts to find love or succeed in business .

Who could forget his wacky inventions or his phone calls tricked by Bart? His comedic interactions with his bar's regulars, particularly Homer, demonstrate a depth of character and humanity that make him a central part of the series' comedy. In your opinion, is this one of the best Simpsons characters ?

In the episode Who Shot Mr. Burns? (Season 7, Episode 1) , Moe takes a lie detector test, which leads to humorous revelations and shows his often clumsy attempts to hide the truth.

👦 Ralph Wiggum: innocence personified

Ralph Wiggum funny scene

Ralph Wiggum , the simple-minded but absolutely lovable son of Police Chief Wiggum , is easily one of Springfield's most memorable characters. Each appearance of Ralph in an episode is a guaranteed laugh .

Thanks to his unique voice and his naive, often unexpected statements , he won the hearts of viewers. Who could forget moments as iconic as his “I have a pencil in my brain”? Although mainly seen at school, often alongside Bart Simpson, Ralph marked many seasons with his candor and his offbeat remarks.

This Simpson character , with his touching innocence and his cult quotes, brings a touch of childish humor which contrasts perfectly with the other satirical elements of the series.

In the episode Conquering the Test (Season 20, Episode 11) , Ralph Wiggum finds himself in an embarrassing situation on the bus when he needs to go to the bathroom.

👨🏼‍🦰 Ned Flanders: the generous one of the series

ned flanders funny scene

Ned Flanders , the Simpsons' model neighbor, is the family man that all of Springfield could envy. With his soft and calm voice, Ned represents kindness and excessive optimism in a world where everything is not always rosy.

This contrast, particularly when faced with Homer and Marge Simpson , is the source of a multitude of comic situations. Ned's naivety and his unwavering faith in life and its principles have often been tested by the ups and downs of everyday life. But it's in his interactions with Homer that this character's true comedic genius is revealed.

Where Homer can be impulsive and clumsy, Ned remains unwaveringly positive and understanding , providing a hilarious disconnect. These two characters, so different, are the perfect comic duo , making each exchange memorable. If not the funniest, he is certainly the most candid Simpson character in the series.

In the episode Lisa the Vegetarian (Season 7, Episode 5) , Homer is jealous of not being invited to Ned's barbecue, which creates a comical situation

🏠 Join Springfield: Become your own Simpson Character!

By traveling through Springfield through this article, we rediscovered the emblematic figures who, episode after episode, marked the series with their humor . From Homer , the bumbling father of the Simpson family , to Ned Flanders , the too-perfect neighbor, each character adds a unique flavor to the show's legendary comedy .

The list of characters from the series who have left their mark on us is long. We could also have added Mr. Burns , Abraham Simpson , Skinner , Milhouse or even Maggie . And what about Tahiti Bob , Nelson Muntz , Barney Gumble , Tony or Krapabelle ? See you in the next episode! And you, who is your favorite Simpson character ?

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