Top Anime Manga to see absolutely in 2023

top manga anime a voir en 2023

Every year, the Japanese anime industry offers us gems not to be missed. The classics One Piece , Naruto , Dragon Ball and Demon Slayer have clearly marked the history of shonen. However, 2023 looks just as promising, full of surprises and new favorites.

At Cartoon Toi , we are on the lookout for each new release , we love finding rare gems. And this year, we came across series that are not yet known, but which, believe us, will soon be talked about!

Ready to discover our selection of the best anime of 2023 ? You will thank us later 😉

Hell's Paradise: In search of the elixir of immortality

We open the ball for our top anime 2023 with Hell's Paradise , which immediately stands out as one of the best Japanese anime of the year . Immersed in the feudal era of Japan from the first episode, we are captivated by a breathtaking setting.

We immediately connected with the characters. Let's take Gabimaru , nicknamed 'the Void': a fearsome assassin who, beneath his shell, seeks a path to a more peaceful life. His face-to-face meeting with the executioner Sagiri was a strong moment, a confrontation that left its mark on us. And it's the same for each character , each has their own quest, which makes you want to discover their universe

The synopsis takes us on a thrilling adventure: the search for an elixir of immortality on an island full of mysteries. Let’s talk about this island! The animations amaze us with incredible details. The island comes to life through detailed and careful drawings , making it as magnificent as it is dangerous. And the fights? Hats off. We recognize here the work of MAPPA , the studio which has already proven itself with Chainsaw Man .

So, the winning mix from Hell's Paradise ? It's this combination of action scenes that keep you in suspense and deep character storylines that make you vibrate and think. It's not often that an anime manages to balance between pure entertainment and subjects that make you question the big themes of life . If you're looking for a series that challenges and captivates you, don't wait and watch Hell's Paradise !

Please note: only two seasons are available at the moment, but the release of a third is eagerly awaited!

Hell's Paradise anime manga

Mashle : Between Harry Potter and One Punch Man

Imagine a world where magic is rife, but our hero, Mash Burnedead , doesn't possess a spark of it. This contrast is the heart of Mashle , where we follow the adventures of Mash who, with her raw strength and ingenuity, defies the norms of a world that worships magic . Imagine a world where Harry Potter meets One Punch Man ... from the first episodes of Mashle , that's exactly what we feel!

From the start, Mashle immerses us in a universe rich in elements of magical adventure, populated by powerful wizards and mysterious creatures . The fight scenes are intense, showing that humor does not take over the excitement of the clashes. The themes covered are deep, with a reflection on discrimination , with Mash Burnedead constantly facing oppression as a non-magician .

Each episode offers its share of surprises. Mash's obsession with cream puffs , for example, results in situations so funny that they become memorable. But behind this lightness, Mashle also raises deep questions about self-acceptance and confronting prejudice .

Secondary characters, like Lance and Duat , also bring their share of dynamism, with interactions and reactions that enrich the story and make it unpredictable and original .

So, if you're looking for an animated series that combines humor , action and reflection , with endearing characters and a captivating synopsis, add Mashle to your watchlist. And while initially the artistic style may seem less refined, it evolves to become cleaner and more detailed.

The anime manga Mashle

Blue Lock: The animated manga about football

After a major disappointment at the 2018 World Cup, the Japanese football world feels the need for change. And this is how Blue Lock was born, an animated shonen manga that completely redefines our vision of the beautiful game. Rather than focusing on the team spirit that so often characterizes this sport, this work highlights the importance individualism, even hyper-individualism , in the quest for success .

Driven by Jinpachi Ego's radical vision, Blue Lock aims to train the ultimate attacker. Among the 300 best attackers in the country, we follow the journey of Yoshihisa Isagi , a talented youngster. His life changes when he realizes that his approach to football, the one he has always known, might not be enough to shine at the highest level . It is a psychological adventure, a course towards transformation.

The atmosphere is palpable, each episode resembling a battle royale where the characters are pushed to the limit. While centered on football, the synopsis goes beyond the sport to explore the emotional and mental challenges of the athletes.

If you're looking for a work that will captivate you from minute one, look no further. For all fans of stories of heroes in the making , this adventure journey to the pinnacle of football is a must-see.

And to top it all off, Blue Lock has remained high on the rankings of Shueisha's MangaPLUS trending list for a long time, asserting its place among the genre's elites.

Blue Lock anime manga

Towards new horizons

When it comes to manga, it's not just One Piece , Naruto and Hunter x Hunter that shape our shonen universe. Every year, new series come out and show how the world of manga is constantly evolving.

2023 confirms that the best anime are not always those that we have known for years , but those that continue to captivate and surprise with each new page or episode!

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